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Story posted: Wednesday, 23rd December 2020

A Message From Gary Norton
Hi All,

Well, what a strange year 2020 has been for us all. COVID19 has impacted each and every single one of us in the world in some way or another. Closer to home the effect the pandemic has had on everyone connected with football and in particular from our perspective Gresley Rovers FC has been huge....more
Having said that and despite the huge impact at the end of last season and of course this season to date we still have a lot to be proud of at our club when looking back over 2020. From a personal perspective I still pinch myself at the fact that during the first lockdown earlier in the year the decision was taken to change the club name back to Gresley Rovers.

This was hugely well received by our supporters all connected with the club and certainly played its part (as well and a few other things) in giving the club a boost off the pitch after a challenging couple of seasons on it. In particular, we saw attendances for our games increase significantly so far this season up to when the second lockdown kicked in. Of course, we won’t know the full impact the name change alone had in bumping up attendances as there were so many other potential reasons that will have helped (such as the lack of opportunity for supporters of local professional clubs to watch their teams). That said there is still a hugely positive vibe around the local community at the fact that we can relate to our club as “the Rovers” again.

In addition to the re-naming of the club there has also been a huge amount of further work off the pitch with each and every board member playing a key part under the leadership of our Chairman Mark Alflat and Vice Chairman Pete Robinson. From fundraising to keep the club going through the uncertain times, to working through all of the COVID-19 legislation and guidance we needed to deploy there has been lots going on this season to date we can be proud of as a football club and despite the current situation and uncertainly with regard to when we will be able to get back to some sense of normality the future prospects for the club look brighter than ever. We have a board of directors, set of volunteers and a loyal band of supporters at the club who I am extremely proud to be associated with.

We also have a management team who are one million percent committed to developing the team and getting it right on the pitch as well as a group of players I am incredibly proud of whether we win, lose or draw.

Time will tell what the future has in store in terms of when we will be playing regularly again or indeed if the season will be impacted further by COVID but it’s important that we all remain positive and united in the hope that things will be back to normal for us all in a few more months’ time. Christmas time is often a time for reflection and looking back on the previous year and we can certainly say that 2020 for many reasons will be a year etched in all our memories forever.

On that note, on behalf of the management, backroom team and of course the players we would like to wish our supporters, and everyone connected with the club a MERRY CHRISTMAS and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

See you all soon.

Gary and Carl
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