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Story posted: Monday, 1st April 2024

Marc's Views
Marc's View
Good afternoon everyone and welcome to what is surely without doubt the biggest game of the season to date as we welcome fellow strugglers Rugby town to the Moat Ground.
Today is one of five games remaining so although the outcome won’t fully decide either team’s fate, with how tight things are with AFC Rushden in the bottom three for many it will be billed as a must win game for both sides, the final result will certainly have a huge impact in deciding who remains at step 4 come next season.
Today is one of those games where everything in the build-up goes out the window and will come down to who wants it more and who can handle the situation better on the day.
The reverse fixture on Boxing Day had a very similar feel to it and at the time we as a side we were on the back of very difficult run in of games terms of level of opposition, the game that day carried a huge amount of pressure and we have to be honest with ourselves looking back and admit we didn’t handle that in the manner we would of liked. Hopefully this time around that is an experience we can draw upon and along with all the other previous disappointments we’ve incurred over the season use to our advantage and secure a positive outcome.
We know looking back this season has produced far too many low points, but we still have a very strong chance of ultimately finishing on a high.
That is our focus and has been for some time, we are at a stage now where we will be putting everything negative behind us and giving everything so this final push delivers on all fronts and gives you all as fans something to smile and cheer about. As I said to Robin in my post-match interview last week I can only apologise for us not delivering enough over the course of the season but please believe me this hasn’t been through lack of trying from anybody within the camp and I’m as proud as I can be to still be in the position I am, my aim is to get us to safety and look to have a fresh start at it over the summer.
That fresh start though will certainly be dampened if we don’t produce what’s needed to attain the results for it to be at step 4.
One huge aspect we must combat is for everything I have said above and reflected on I’m pretty sure this is very much the case for those clubs also involved at the bottom of the table, so it really is going to come down to what I said previously about who wants it more and who can handle the situation.
Our agenda must come out on top. I’m really pleased with how we have been handling things of late but if we aren’t going to back it up on days like today, we will only have ourselves to blame.
The squad certainly does deserve a bit of praise in my opinion though. Most teams haven’t had a break like we’ve had and then had to be hit with arguably the busiest period they have experienced. From having nearly a full 4 weeks off to playing Saturday - Tuesday to Saturday - Monday to then another Saturday - Tuesday on the horizon. This is what it is though and what’s great about it, it enables everyone to play their part.
Although we have ran with a small squad for some time, we as a management have every confidence in whoever is called upon to come in and give it nothing less than their best, we can’t ask any more than that and we are equally as confident that their best will be enough.
Since coming in as management group we have tried to install an ethos that every time you go out and play for Gresley can you be better at every opportunity than the last. This isn’t to say we won’t have off days because we will, what we want is to make sure we are always looking to grow, progress and improve.

Finally, once again I want to say thank you to all you supporters, staff and volunteers who are behind us, the support and effort from everyone behind the scenes has been unbelievable and myself and team are truly grateful for it. One area this has been massively highlighted is in the efforts from Craig, Stuart and whoever else has played their part on the pitch and around the ground, the pitch has been magnificent all season and when consider the weather it’s been up against, and the number of games played on it you all should be proud.
So now it’s our turn to play our part on it! Thanks again everyone and hope to see you around the ground at some point.
Hope you’ve all had a Happy Easter,

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